I am tired all the time. Do you have a recommendation for me?


Answer :-

Hello, and thanks for the question.  Since there are many reasons that you could be experiencing fatigue, I highly recommend you see a physician for a proper diagnosis.  However, if you are having trouble with insomnia, I will be posting my research findings for extending the amount of sleep and for improving  sleep quality.  In general, you would need to adjust the room temperature, bedtimes, etc.  You will need to check and possibly change the proximity of where your electrical devices are plugged in.  It is important to stop caffeinated drinks by 2 p.m.  Even the colors of the paint on the wall and the patterns of your bedroom accessories can affect your body's readiness to fall asleep. Calming colors are light greens and light blues. I personally like white, also.  I will post my research findings regarding insomnia very soon.  Thanks for writing.