I love being organic and natural but it is so expensive. Do you any alternatives or options for living healthy?



Answer :-

Thanks for your question. It is a good one!

Let's look at purchasing a $20 jar of coconut oil. At first glimpse, it seems expensive. But, besides being healthy to ingest, coconut oil is so versatile that using it eliminates many other purchases. It is a great example of why I now believe that switching to organic products is actually more friendly to the budget.

Coconut oil replaces chemical-laden face creams and body moisturizers. It's very soothing to dry skin, dry scalp and brittle hair. It is researched to diminish sunspots. It's used in natural recipes for sunscreens and bug repellents!

Beachgoers will be happy to learn about coconut oil repelling " no-see-ums." Just search the key words: sand mites & coconut oil before your next beach excursion!

Ingesting coconut oil has been shown to have huge health benefits! Once you learn to combine coconut oil in creative ways such as cooking popcorn, you'll be happy that you made the switch!

High cost was also a concern for me at the start of this venture. This thinking prevented me from moving towards healthy alternatives, more quickly. It kept me stuck feeling crummy. I knew the price of not feeling well was high, but I didn't realize how much better I'd feel after making the change!

I've eliminated many toxins from my diet and reduced the use of all sorts of chemicals in my home. By doing so, I feel better. These positive changes have kept me away from high medical bills.
Which brings me to my favorite reason to make the switch. Replacing products containing toxins with earth- given ingredients such as coconut oil, helped me feel better! And, feeling better, at any cost, is worth its weight in gold!