I was wondering if these enzymes could possibly help with all my scar tissue left behind from major spinal surgeries? My chiropractor says she has never seen so much inflammation and scar tissue in such a small area! 

Thanks :)


Answer :-

Thanks for your question regarding Serrapeptase. I'm so sorry to hear that you are struggling. I'd be happy to share my research findings with you,  but please do your own research!  (DYOR ) Then, decide what you think would work best for you. It's very important, scratch that--- extremely important ---to decrease inflammation in your body! I've helplessly watched my knee as it swelled and became inflamed with redness! With that being said, remember that inflammation can be happening internally without visual indicators. As I said in the article regarding Serrapeptase, it is the nutrient I've discovered that eradicates adhesions. Research also shows it  reduces inflammation. So, I take it religiously. Even though it's sort of a matter of faith on my part, because it's very tricky to know whether or not internal adhesions are diminishing.  I truly believe that they are.  Your case sounds so extreme, I truly hope that you find further research to support what I'm saying. I plan to share a more detailed list of research topics regarding inflammation and adhesions, in the near future.  But for now, check out these three topics: concentrated cherry juice, infrared sauna therapy, and essential oils such as wintergreen and marjoram. Thanks for writing. I hope you found the information to be useful.  All the best as we get better & better,Organi "Chic"