Wow! Bananas! Who knew?

I can't tell you the exact reason why I started eating bananas.  I really never liked them.  I'm pretty sure it had to do with an article I read about potassium.  I honestly can't say.   But, for some reason on our trip to New Zealand, last November, I was eating them.  I vividly remember reluctantly placing a bunch in the shopping cart during one of our surreal "out of the country" shopping experiences.  I also remember how even more reluctant I was to "chug" one down the next morning.  However, by Christmastime, I was hooked on bananas!  (The taste had definitely grown on me, except for an occasional green banana or two.)

Somewhere in this new banana-eating-experience, I began to wonder if my knee pain had diminished because of the bananas.  Now, I know that for some people that seems like a huge stretch in thinking.  But, this self-professed-health-nut thought it might be another one of those "jaw-dropping" discoveries on my health and wellness, I googled it.  Sure enough.  There was the link!  That's when I discovered that eating bananas helps reduce the affects of Arthritis. It's also the moment I vowed to eat a banana a day!

I have researched and found loads of great information on how to reduce knee pain.  My ultimate goal in doing so was to live life to the fullest, while avoiding knee-replacement surgery.  I'm thankful for each and every one of those great pieces to the knee-pain-reducing-puzzle.  The thinker in me is always wanting answers as to why I start to feel better.  It's quite tricky for me to just relax and enjoy the mystery of healing.  This case is no different.

Part of me thinks my knee began healing because of complicated steps like removing mercury dental fillings.  Another part thinks it could be the supplementation and nutrients I've researched to be helpful.  But, deep inside, there is this comforting feeling that makes me smile in knowing that, quite possibly, God makes pain relief as simple as eating your bananas!