Welcome to Organichic!  ...A place where you can find research articles and a wealth of knowledge for healthy living.

Life's a journey with its bumps and bruises.  I, personally, would like to enjoy life without a limp!  So, please join me on my quest to sleep well, be active, and live pain-free.  

Most of us don't know what changes are needed to feel better.  We don't have any idea of where to begin.  Arming ourselves with knowledge is our best defense!

Here, you can get a glimpse of the protocols and regimens that I've researched to be helpful.  One main change was moving away from junk foods.  Another, was discovering which vitamins and supplements were necessary for my specific issues.  Some revisions were easy switches. Other concepts were difficult to grasp. While steps such as eliminating toxins, just made sense.

It gives me great pleasure to tell others what I did to feel better!  But, I am just sharing information.  A carbon copy of what works for my body will NOT work for yours!  So, be smart.  Be your own advocate.  Consult  your healthcare professional.  And, do your own research.  (DYOR!)  Only make the necessary changes when you are armed with the proper information. Then, enjoy the adventure of LIving Well!

All the best as we get better & better together,
Organi "Chic"

  • Cost



    I love being organic and natural but it is so expensive. Do you any alternatives or options for living healthy?


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  • Adhesion Question



    I was wondering if these enzymes could possibly help with all my scar tissue left behind from major spinal surgeries? My chiropractor says she has never seen so much inflammation and scar tissue in such a small area! 

    Thanks :)


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  • Tired


    I am tired all the time. Do you have a recommendation for me?


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